Faith Evans is NOT Afraid to Whoop Some Ass

24 08 2008

Faith Evans is, in my opinion, a beautiful and talented artist. Her late husband was “Biggie Smalls” for those of you who don’t know. What this beautiful woman saw in a morbidly obese “playa” is beyond me…but they say love is blind. Even more puzzling is that she stayed with him while he cheated on her over and over and over again. After he passed, she even had a hit with “I’ll Be Missing You”–a song dedicated to his honor. Personally, I would have been singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”, but who am I to judge?

Any-ole-how, Faith’s life story is coming out this week, and in it she relays that she is not afraid to kick a bitch’s ass. According to Page Six: “The R&B songbird hunted down his lovers and beat them to a pulp. “I thought maybe kicking some ass would get the word out that chicks better think twice before messing with my husband,” Evans writes in her new autobiography, “Keep the Faith.” Once, she hopped a red-eye to Virginia, where Biggie (real name Christopher Wallace) was touring, and found a young hottie in a plaid school uniform in his hotel room. She writes: “[I] jumped on top of her and started beating her ass . . . ‘Yo, Ma you need to chill!’ Big said, ‘I didn’t even [bleep] her!’ I mashed [her] in the face and then kicked her. ‘Yeah, well, you should have,’ I said.” Another time, she found a cutie’s photo and number in Biggie’s car, traced her to a Bronx apartment and, together with a male pal, gave her “a brief but thorough beat-down.”

Now, you might recall that I wished Elizabeth Edward’s would have gotten a little crazy when her husband admitted to cheating. But I think Faith got it a little wrong. It should have been her husband who was on the receiving end of an ass whoopin. After all, it was HIM, not these hootchies, who made vows to her.




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24 08 2008

I TOTALLY agree. I never understood the thinking of wanting to “open a can” on anybody BUT the one that made the vows. Never made no kinna sense no how. Any update on your “lawsuit”? *snicker*

24 08 2008
The Rev.

Now that’s a woman!

25 08 2008

Yeah, I’m with you – it’s the person DOING the cheating, not the one they’re doing it with – usually- that deserves the beating. On the other hand, if the “third party” so to speak, is aware the person they’re playing with is married/attached, then, in my opinion, they deserve it too. If you know he or she is spoken for, it doesn’t matter how many pretty words they use, or how many shots they feed you BACK OFF & STAY OFF!
Just my two cents *grin*
(although I will say in this particular case, she did pretty much what I would have done – those women knew he was taken…)

25 08 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Yep I agree the man needed the ass beatin he is the one that stood up with her and made a vow. I think they need to make sure that men and women know the definition of vow before they marry even though most will break it anyways.

25 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

I further read that one of the “ho’s” who got beat down was Lil Kim. I think in this case, Faith ought to opened up two cans–one for the ho and one for her husband.

25 08 2008
Peter Parkour

Agreed. Kick “Big Poppa’s” ass and then leave him. That’ how it should have gone down. 😉 RESPECT YOURSELF LADIES!!!

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