Write Yourself a Letter

20 08 2008

My muse must have gone on vacation. For two days now I’ve tried to think of something to write, so that I can bury the picture of Michael Phelps standing alongside John Kerry because if I don’t Big Hair Envy is going to send a posse out to kill me. It could be that my muse is afraid to write now that I’ve been threatened with a subpoena.

Any-ole-how, since I’ve nothing to write about, I thought you might want to write to yourselves over at a site called Future Me. You can type up a little email, tell it when to send it, and then forget about it until it arrives in your inbox. There’s also a bunch of other people’s emails you can read, which will provide a few laughs.

 (thanks Graydon)




6 responses

20 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

I wasn’t going to send my posse after you, I was going to send the Hillbilly PO-leese! They know you:)

Somehow I missed the threat of litigation from Booger’s Mama’s Buddy. He’s a doosie! I’m sure you are terrified;) Better get your suit pressed!!! Bahahahaha!

20 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

BTW – “Eb” is almost as much fun to say as “booger”!!!

20 08 2008

“I wait, with baited breath, your intelligent and legally thought out response.” Oh you are just great! I love that line! Good thing you got your fancy pants out. Wow. The crazies are out. Who knew she had a fan club? Is the moon full or what? *snickers* The Boogers Baby Mama Drama Fan Club. Hah! If there isn’t one, you should start one! Just think, it all started one day with a woman who had her dog cloned and turned into this. Amazing. Should I be watching out for the Bigfoot guys to sue me now? Nah…buggers ain’t smart enough. Gonna go check out Future Me now. Thanks!

20 08 2008

OMG – I so missed the comment from Eb. No wonder you can’t seem to write, this and then shit in the pool!!

20 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Big Hair–they sure do! But I think I’ve used up all my favors with them…

Kim–and I better git them fancy paints arned. LOL! I mean, really. Im an awful person because I put the news on here?

Lori–I know…next thing you know, Ill be subpoened over the poo too.

20 08 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

I have something for you to do..check out my site :o)

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