Who Does China Think They Are Fooling?

12 08 2008

It’s no secret to anyone that China has gone to pretty drastic measures to insure that the Olympics are pulled off without a hitch. It’s only natural that hosting the Olympics would be a source of national pride–but who does China think they are fooling?

By shutting down manufacturing and stopping auto traffic in Beijing, do they think the rest of the world will believe that it’s a clean city? And now, in a move that shouldn’t come as any surprise from a country that isn’t known for placing a high value on women, officials apparently deemed a young singer–7 year old Yang Peiyi, wasn’t cute enough to be seen as she sang in the opening ceremonies. Instead, 9 year old Lin Miaoke lip synched Peiyi’s performance.

 Adorable 7 year old Yang–the real singer.

 9 year old Lin, The Milli Vanilli of China

The ceremony’s musical director said, “The audience will understand it’s in the national interest.”  In the national interest?? That’s a nation with some seriously screwed up priorities then.


More On this at CNN




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12 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

I watched my daughter suffer through the hell that is low self-esteem. It NEVER completely goes away. It’s bad enough when children taunt, but it’s absolutely unacceptable when adults join in. The little girl with the beautiful voice won’t remember what an honor it was to sing at the Olympics, she will remember that she wasn’t pretty enough to be on television.

This breaks my heart.

12 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

It does mine too…
and apparently the Chinese newspapers were exalting the performance of the lip syncher.

12 08 2008
Peter Parkour

Sad, sick and twisted. I’m personally boycotting anything to do with the Olympics in China. I totally don’t understand the Olympics being hosted by China. China is no goodwill ambassador to the world in my eyes. This latest stunt just proves that point once again. Booooooooooo… hhisssssssssss. 👿

12 08 2008

I boycotted the Olympics too. I put a Coke back in the case because it started wearing Olympic stuff on it. I knew the whole thing was rotten, but to actually say a little girl was not cute enough to sing? UGH. That poor little girl is so sweet she said something to the effects of she didn’t mind it at all because just her voice being used was considered an honor. Wait a minute, maybe she was prepped to say that?

*This comment brought to you by a proud non-watcher of the Beijing sponsored Olympics.

PS – On another note, did you hear how many condoms they provided to the athletes? 100,000!

12 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Peter–Once again, I couldnt agree with you more!

Kim–I read that…breaks my heart for her! As to the condoms–well–you’ve seen the athletes–not many of them will have any problem gettin’ laid. LOL!

12 08 2008

i can’t stand the Olympics. i’ll be glad when they’re over.
The actual singer is adorable. So she has a slightly crooked grill, so what? It’s cute because she’s little and when you’re little, you can look any way and do anything and grownups will aw and find it cute because you’re a child!

How sad. How sad and pathetic and mean and soulless to do this to a child. And it’s not just China. Everyday, our children, our men and women, are bombarded by the unreal standard of beauty that those we consider extraordinarily beautiful cannot even achieve without a bucket of paint, special lighting and photoshopping!

Human beings value all the wrong things. It’s gross!

12 08 2008

Wow 😡

12 08 2008

I’ll admit it – I am a sick, sick person. I love the Olympics but I think China is a very scary country. The thought of the government having such complete control over EVERYTHING is something that I can’t quite wrap my head around. And the vast numbers of people that they have total control over can lead my active imagination down some very scary paths.

12 08 2008

I just watched a show on china and their “rules” as you may call them for pro-creating. Only one child, must need a permit to have that child, then if you have another you must pay a fine or abort. Fucked up !!


12 08 2008

I just read that story. National interest my ass.

Just sad.

13 08 2008
Greg Sadler

How does this have anything to do with ‘not placing a high value on women’? Combining two attributes in a single performance isn’t anti-women in any way what-so-ever.

I think you’ve totally misread this. It’s business as normal in the West, it happens all the time in Hollywood and in Olympic ceremonies.

Also, you and your commenters worry about the self-esteem of the singer not allowed to appear. What of the self-esteem of the performer not allowed to sing? The fact that the person called ugly should be offended but the person called pretty but not talented shouldn’t care reveals YOUR obsession with beauty, not that of China.

More detail of my opinion in my blog.

13 08 2008

I feel pity for yang peiyi, because the producer or the organizer didnt even look what yang pei yi may feel.. but one thing for sure its not all about the face its about the TALENT THAT GOD GIVEN US..

13 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Greg, thats your opinion, and you’re welcome to it. I’ve no obsession with beauty, and I doubt any of the commenters here do either. It wasnt any of us who swapped faces for the “national interest” I highly doubt the “pretty” girl will have any lingering issues from being chosen as the pretty face to attach to the performance–but to be told by a national spokesperson that you arent cute enough to be on TV–thats the sort of thing that causes long seated self esteem issues. And it does happen all the time here—but I cant think of a single instance where it has happened “IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST” or to a 7 year old. If you know of some such examples, we would love to see them, Im sure.

13 08 2008

Aaaaand yet another good reason to NOT go to China.

Just read about this this morning in the paper. WTF?!?!

13 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

I’ll tell you how you eat just one piece of pizza – look at all of the grease floating around on it! Then remember how your favorite jeans would barely zip up this morning……….. AAAHHHHGGGG!

13 08 2008

I’m so glad you wrote about this because I’ve been hearing about it and didn’t know what they were talking about. Was also too lazy to Google it. But now I’m outraged. The Chinese Milli Vanilli looks like a wind-up psychotic doll. And the true singer is adorable, just adorable! What the hell is wrong with those people?! Also, how did they end up having any little girls in the first place? Didn’t they put a ban on people having girl children?

I heard on NPR this morning they’re also cheating in gymnastics. They forced our girl to wait an unprecidented and inexplicable amount of time before she could go on, pysching her out and ruining her timing. Our coach feels strongly it was done on purpose.

13 08 2008

Meant to say that the Milli Vanilli child looked like Bindi Irwin on crack.

13 08 2008
The Rev.

Aren’t there rumors about that they also faked the Mount Everest summit with the torch? I believe I read that somewhere…craziness!

13 08 2008

Hi! Thanks for stopping by The Jason Show and taking the time to read a bit. Almost all of my readers and commenters are women–and I like that–but it’s nice to have a guy’s perspective, too. I just spent a few minutes browsing your blog, and I really like it. It has a different “flavor” than what is typically out there in my experience. I’m definitely coming back soon.

Take care!

14 08 2008

What I think is the sad part, is that she will consider herself honored, because her voice was used. Because of their culture, she may never know it was actually an insult – and I’m not sure which is worse, her knowing or not knowing…

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