Even More on Booger’s Mama

10 08 2008

So Joyce Bernann McKinney–the woman who chopped off her dead pooch’s ear and paid a small fortune to have him cloned, has admitted that she is the same person who, years ago, kidnapped and raped her Mormon boyfriend. It seemed pretty obvious they were one on the same, but now we have it from the crazy horse’s mouth.

I won’t repeat what the New York Times has reported in depth HERE but I will suggest, and mind you I am not a mental health professional, that this woman has some serious attachment issues. She claimed to love her previous victim enough to “ski down Mt. Everest with a carnation up my nose” to have him, and then the whole creepy dog thing. Methinks she has some abandonment issues–but again, I know nothing from nothing about issues of mental health.




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10 08 2008

Wow. I thought I had issues! It’s just like when I watch (occasionally) the Jerry Springer Show. I feel great if I can watch it and totally NOT relate to any of the people on the show. Weird.

10 08 2008
Peter Parkour

She sounds like a Booger pickin’ moron to me. 😛

10 08 2008

15 years younger and I’ll bet John Edwards would have been interested in this sweetie.

10 08 2008

OMG, I never realized that someone out there could be crazier than my own mamma! Where in the hell did you first read/hear about this woman? I love it!!!

11 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Girl….I thought the same thing! *not YOUR mama, mine* I first heard about her on a gossip site I read daily…and after that, she just got weirder and weirder.

12 08 2008

First thing to remember is she was INNOCENT. I lived in Scotland at the time and to say she “was never brought to justice” as one newspaper did, is incorrect, although she should have stood her ground and been found not guilty, as I am sure she would have been. Bob Marshall-Andrews, who was barrister for the complainant at the time said the courts were glad to see the back of them both when she skipped bail She was sexually adventurous, yes, but the guy was six feet four or something, and she was a petite little thing – she didn’t overpower him and tie him up. What happened to her is exactly what happened to me – the guy blamed her so as not to lose his job – in the McKinney case being excommunicated from the Mormon church, in mine being fired by Scottish Rail. I do believe she may have stalked him since, but that was never in an extreme enough way to have been a crime (in Britain, at lesst) , and anyway she was never charged with this. I am fed up with hearing about women being charged with murder and false imprisonment and conspiracy mainly because they are not chaste – look at the Thompson/Bywaters case in England where a woman was, in effect, hanged because she was an adulteress. Edith Bywaters did not condone or assist her lover in any way in the murder of her elderly husband, but her adultery was emphasised over and over to the jury, though she was not on trial for that. It makes my blood boil and THAT is why I sympathized with Joyce McKinney at the time, though I would have admired her more if she had stood her ground and fought for a not guilty verdict.

12 08 2008

She is one weird mama, that’s fer shore!

12 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Ghislaine–you seem to forget she took along an armed friend in the alleged abduction. Almost fired by Scottish Rail? Hmmm…that sounds like an interesing story…do tell!

Janie–she’s certainly “colorful”

13 08 2008

She claimed to love her previous victim enough to “ski down Mt. Everest with a carnation up my nose” to have him, and then the whole creepy dog thing.

Does that have anything to do with her naming her dog “Booger”?

15 12 2008

Oh, what love will do to the unbalanced!!! She’s got hutzba.

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