More on the Woman Who Cloned Booger

7 08 2008

OK, this gets really strange…

a lengthy story can be found HERE but I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes…

There’s a pile of evidence to suggest that Bernan McKinney, the lady who spent a fortune to have her dog Booger cloned in Korea, is actually Joyce McKinney–who kidnapped and raped back in the 70’s a young man who interested her. On the lamb, she pretended to be a mute, deaf mime, and was later arrested dressed as a nun.

Suddenly, cloning a dog seems like the LEAST crazy thing she has done.

(thanks to Dlisted)




19 responses

7 08 2008

And how is this woman roaming the streets????

7 08 2008

I’ve just got two words:

1. Crazy
2. Booger…bwahahaha

7 08 2008

Oh…mygawd. *stunned*

Ya know, when you write about something it tends to turn into a whole ‘nother something, for example, your post on the Golden Girls and then poor Estelle Getty. Now this? I need some excitement in my life, wanna write something about me and see what happens next? 😀

8 08 2008
Peter Parkour

DropOfKim may be on to something here. Any chance of you writing up a post about how poor I am, and how winning the lottery or being adopted by Oprah are my only chances of making it in life? 😛

8 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Kim and Peter…I dont know if you want my kinda help. I wrote about the Golden Girls, and one died. I wrote about this woman, and now her years as a quiet fugitive may be over.

8 08 2008


8 08 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

lmao first I read the title thought some crazy mofo cloned their own “booger”
read the story and thought yep I was right about the crazy mofo part and then read the rest of the story and laughed out loud Grands thought yep Gran’s really went nutz

Um, you do have somewhat of a talent of posting about people and having their lives go to shit lately. Poor Estelle. 😉

8 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

MJ—thats what I said…quite an interesting life, eh?

Queen—yeah, I dont think anyone wants me to post about them…

8 08 2008

Holy crap! What a story!

I knew that woman looked creepy to begin with and now it’s just ALL confirmed.

8 08 2008

i cant stop laughing at the word booger- this is seriously keeping me from giving you anythgin productive…. BWAAHAAHAHAHAHA

8 08 2008

“adopted by Oprah” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Maybe you should use your powers for good? Yeah, do a story on John McCain* instead. 😀

*not that there’s anything wrong with him

8 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

I think the Booger Lady would be great fun at parties………….as long as she didn’t take a likin’ to ya’!

Is it just me, or is the word “booger” STILL freakin’ hilarious?

8 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Alice–yeah, suddenly cloning a dog doesnt seem quite as creapy…

Sarah–thats ok. I hope Booger was just a nickname for the poor dog.

Kim–not a bad idea–using my powers to influence politics…hmmmm….

Big Hair–no, Sarah thinks it is too! *so do I!

9 08 2008

Beauty queen? Really? First picture looks like she has a mis-aligned hump. My mind reels at why she became so attached to those dogs.

9 08 2008

Uhhhhhhh….can someone explain to me how it is you make an unwilling MAN have sex..? Isn’t it kinda physically IMPOSSIBLE..?

9 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Cuteasasa…I was reading elsewhere that she cut off the original boogers ear and kept it in her fridge. These poor little puppies are gonna grow up and be half Stouffers frozen lasagna.

Jodi…Im not sure…he was a young guy, and it doesnt take much to get a feller goin’ whether he wants to or not.

10 08 2008

Folks, in the South “booger” is an affectionate term/nickname (as in “you little booger” (probably a genteel corruption of “bugger”)). And growing up in the South in the early evenings just as it started getting dark we would go out into the yard and play “Ain’t no booger bears out tonight” (a form of hide-and-seek). Years ago a older relative had a dog named “Boogerbear,” but she never was into missionaries that I know of LOL.

10 08 2008

Correction — “a older” should read “an older” (golly is my face red!)

10 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

NCGal…no worries. We dont get too caught up on grammar here.

Ive never heard of the booger bear game…and Ive been south all my life! Thanks for teaching me something new!

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