Monday Morning Mish Mash

4 08 2008

1. As I’m sure I mentioned long ago, I’m on the Board of the Homeowner’s Association here in the Vinyl Village. Tomorrow evening we have a board meeting, and I’m hosting it. I almost always host them because I’m the only board member who doesn’t have a couple rug rats running around to spill Capri Sun and gummi bears on our papers. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda, but you can bet half of it will be dealing with people who just don’t know how to be a good neighbor, or who think the rules apply to everyone but them. Should be fun if I can get enough vodka in my system before it starts.

2. I saw something on the news about how text messaging is dangerous to your health. Apparently, the number of injuries that arise from people falling down, running into things, or stepping into traffic while they text is on the rise. I’ve never quite understood texting, even though I do it. If you have a phone in your hand, why not just call the person? Anyway, don’t text and walk.

3. My area is in a drought. There is talk about having water restrictions, which will suck because it means you can’t wash your car, water your lawn, etc. I will be a grumpy Gus if I have to drive around in a dirty car and live at a house with dead grass. Think they would let me wash my car if I promised to only take a shower once a day?

4. The little picture at the top of this morning’s Mish Mash reminds me of a funny story from a few years ago. Let me say first off, that I LOVE roller coasters, water slides, and rides of all sorts. Well I was in Myrtle Beach for the weekend, just before the Pavilion was torn down.  I convinced my reluctant companion on that trip to ride the big wooden roller coaster with me:

“Now you have to throw your hands up in the air on the big dip!” I explained, “Because they have a camera at the bottom, and when we get off we can go buy the picture.”  I was told there was no way any hands would be in the air, and reminded that I was damn lucky I wasn’t riding alone. So after the ride, I go to get the picture, and I look just like the little girl at the top of the page. White knuckles clutching the bar, jaw clenched in a horrified scream. Me, Mr. Big Talker, looked like I was about to crap my pants.

5. This weekend was the annual “Tax Free” weekend here in my part of the country. People go nuts for this–you are smart not to go anywhere near a mall. I don’t understand it. It basically amounts to a 6 percent sale. If stores advertised “Six Percent Off Everything!” we would all say “whoopty friggin do”.




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4 08 2008

Agreed on the tax free weekend thing. Unless you have a mental orgasm every time you keep a penny from the government, or I guess if you’re buying a couple computers, tax-free is worth jack. I live near a mall, so I just stayed home.

4 08 2008
Peter Parkour

“Tax Free” weekend = “whoopty friggin do”.

I couldn’t have said it better. What are people thinking? “Check me out, I’m buying back to school supplies and stickin’ it to the man”. 😛

I mean come one. I refuse to get off the couch for anything less than a 20% off sale. 😉

So… did you buy the poo-butt pick of you on the coaster? :mrgreen:

4 08 2008

They canceled our tax-free weekend here, and I couldn’t care less.

The last roller coaster I was on had a broken bar, meaning that nothing was holding us in our seat. We really were holding on for dear life and I remember screaming at my girlfriend beside me that this must be what it feels like to be in a violent car accident. She actually sprained her neck, but I feel like we’re just lucky to be alive.

4 08 2008
Big Hair Envy

#1 – Regarding bad neighbors……….that’s why we moved to the country. We needed to be as far away from “civilization” as possible! And don’t even get me started on a “Homeowner’s Association” 😀

4 08 2008

We have no sales tax here in Oregon. Except some cities have restaurant taxes and taxes on fast food, still… You mention sales tax here and folks go friggin ballistic! But these same folks complained when our county’s brand new libraries shut down because there was no money to operate them. Then a new levy was introduced and so on and that was okay instead of a five cent sales tax. But i’m no economist, obviously.

That picture, and the story that goes with, cracked me up! i got that picture in an email, along with some others among which the term ‘moose knuckles’ was expounded upon. Have you seen it?

4 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

MJ–exactly! Like Im gonna fight those crowds to save three bucks on a pair of jeans or 3 cents on a pack of notebook paper. I dont think so!
Peter–I could not agree more. Any less than a 20 percent discount is not worth finding a parking space.
Wendy–that would definitely scare me away from roller coasters.
Big Hair–ut oh…do I want to hear your HOA story??
C–YES!! I got the moose knuckles one this weekend! Ive had a bunch of other ones for a while now–but that was my first time for seeing that particular one.

5 08 2008

buying online is like having a tax free weekend every day !!

and it keeps me far… far… far away from idiots.

5 08 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Oh I wanna see YOUR Poo-Pic Puhleeezzzeeeeee?????

5 08 2008
The Rev.

Tax Free Weekend = Reverend stays indoors, reads, writes, and cooks amazing food weekend. Hell, I dislike malls normally, I’d likely explode just from the crowd in the parking lot!

As for the car/grass problem, just park the car ON the grass, wash it, and kill two birds with one stone. And you’re only using HALF the water you would be otherwise! (Man, I should run for President or something….) 😉

6 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Sarah–Im with you–I avoid malls like the plague.
Queen–if I can find it, Ill scan it in!
Rev–brilliant idea!! I’d give you my vote.

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