He’ll Never Live This Down

31 07 2008

Don’t worry…he lived. But he’ll never live it down…

more on this at Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/photos/accident/awning.asp (thanks Natalie!)

and some pictures from the scene here: http://www.shelbycountytoday.com/article2.php




11 responses

31 07 2008

Ohmygawd he lived for reals? He probably forgot he was pulling a camper. He’ll never live it down cause he is probably still paying for it! Wow.

31 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Kim…yeah, I found some pictures on the net too, from other angles…and the truck isnt smashed as bad as it looks—the roof basically just scraped the side off the truck and peeled it off.

31 07 2008

I was totally not expecting that – thanks for the giggle!!!

31 07 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

In my hometown we had a low viadock and the truckers always thought they could make it under it and would get stuck or tear off the top of their trailers. Usually when they got stuck they would have to let the air out of the tires. Yeah this guy probably felt like a stupid shit. Imagine turning it into insurance lmao

31 07 2008

OMG, now that’s a dumbass!!!

1 08 2008
Iis Kusaeri

Wow, amazing!!! Is he really alive? Wow…… I am speechless….

2 08 2008
Moonbeam McQueen

Hah! Hey– you made the WP main page with this one. Now he’ll REALLY never live it down!

2 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Moon: OMG…really?? Wow…I dont think thats ever happened before.

Joan–you said it!

Queen–no, the poor guy–thats gotta be a couple hundred thousand worth of damage!

Lori–glad it made you laugh. *And glad Im not the only one who cracked up over it! LOL

Lis…yeah, he lived. The pictures I saw…it just smushed the side of the truck, and I think the news article said he was able to jump out just as the roof fell.

2 08 2008

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2 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Gregor…youre quite welcome. Thanks for stopping by…
and for the vocabulary lesson…

3 08 2008
Automotive News

Wow! That is hilarious! We’ve all done some stupid things in our times, but this takes the cake. Lets hope he had insurance.

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