Random Bit Of (Nearly) Useless Knowledge (In Absentia)

23 07 2008

The vulva sweats more than any part of the body. This was on Oprah last week. I’m not exactly sure how they figured that out…

I would have guessed feet or pits. Vulva? Never would have crossed my mind…but there ya have it.




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23 07 2008
Little Miss

That *is* completely useless knowledge. 😉 Oprah must really be struggling for topics if she has to stoop to that level of conversation. Hmmm. Do tell in what context this came up? What were they discussing? I never watch her anymore. She’s starting to get on my nerves.

23 07 2008

Thanks for making me google that.

23 07 2008

well now i think i’ve heard everything. really. and i honestly can’t stand oprah. i know she has done a lot of great things for people. i think that’s great. i used to enjoy her show, but all of her gurus drove me away. she doesn’t seem to have an original thought or something. i’m not quite sure what it is. thankfully i live on the other side of the world so i don’t have to worry about it.

23 07 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

ROFLMBAO of all the friggin things in the universe to discuss Oprah feels it necessary to alert the media that the Vulva sweats Alot. Of course this maybe useful knowledge for Oprah & Gayle. What next penis wrinkles are caused from too much ear wax ?

23 07 2008

Well, thanks for clearing that up for us 😀

23 07 2008
Big Hair Envy

Explains alot.

23 07 2008

Geez and I thought it was just me!!

23 07 2008

really .. and i wonder whether or not the bush has anything to do with it. ya know, like more bush = more sweat?

26 07 2008


I got nothin’.

26 07 2008
Peter Parkour

MmmmMmmm, salty. 😛

27 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

I confess, I wasnt watching Oprah…I was on the phone with a friend who was. I can only hope this tidbit was part of segment with that doctor she always has on there. You all bring up some interesting thoughts…which Im not altogether sure I want to be havin.

1 08 2008

How does that subject even come up in conversation, let alone become the subject of a study..?
Scientist #1: “Hey Bob, whatcha doing?”
Scientist #2: “Aw nuttin, just looking at some girlie magazines – have you seen these..?”
Scientist #1: “Hey is that a vulva..? Do you reckon they stay dry when not in use..?”
Scientist#2: “Naw, dey gotta stay moist, otherwise they’d be mighty uncofortable for dem wimmen when dey’s walking around, don’tcha think?”
Scientist #1; “Well how do ya reckon they stays damp, think they sweat much..?”
Scientist #2: “Nah they don’ smell none like sweat…”
Scientist #1 “I bet they do sweat! How else do they get all slickery like dat..?”
Scientist #2 : “No way, I’m tellin ya they don SMELL like sweat!”
Scientist #1 : “I say they do – hey! let’s do a study on it..! I bet we can git published and be considered respectible – like – maybe even gIt to go on Oprah!”
Scientist #2: “Damm! You git all the good ideas! Let’s do it.”

What…? I’m jus sayin…

1 08 2008
The Vinyl Villager

LOL…I dont have any idea where they came up with this…I can imagine it meant some of our tax dollars were spent to fund some study

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