A Reason to Start Drinkin’

18 07 2008

Apparently that was a poster that was out just before Prohibition. I’m betting they didn’t convince many to quit drinking.




16 responses

18 07 2008

Nasty looking women !! Who the hell would want to put their lips on theirs anyways???


18 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Im guessing Lyndsay Lohan.
That thing she is supposedly dating is almost as ugly as these broads.

18 07 2008

nice– pass me the scotch!

18 07 2008

Love the photo. And speaking of Lindsay Lohan (did you know she was apparently some sort of actress once?), I read that Courtney Love recently told her she needs “to shape up.” You know that’s bad, when an epic mess like Courtney Love thinks you’re out of control.
P.S. – Lindsay’s sexy time friend is just dogly. And scary. And legally dangerous.

18 07 2008

Good Lord – they look like they could kick your ass if they did catch you drinking!!

18 07 2008
sista #2

Holy shit!

Poor fugly ladies. Maybe people around them drank so those broads would look better?

Pass the beer


18 07 2008
Big Hair Envy

They may not drink, but they’re really into Speedos. And bling.

Look out VV! I’d hate to see an ugly, frigid woman follow you home from vacation. If you find yourself in that situation, just show her the picture of the teeth.

18 07 2008

Ouch!! That picture hurt my eyes!! 😉

18 07 2008

Dude…you are late! I posted this a while ago! LOL Ain’t it funny?!?!?


18 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Wendy—and unclean looking…you forgot that one.

Lori–yes! They do!

Big Hair–Im betting a few of those ladies had those same teeth…

Joan–mine too!

#2–yeah Im betting NONE of those women ever got laid without the assistance of quite a few drinks

alntv–dammit! Great minds think alike. (Actually that got forwarded to my email this morning–I wonder if you started something viral??)

18 07 2008
Queen of Planet Hotflash

Hey.. that picture and saying is on a billboard in a neighboring county here in Kentucky.
That ad is why there were still bootleggers all over hell, with women that looked like that a feller had to be drunk!

19 07 2008

I was thinking about their poor non-drinking husbands but then I looked closer and hey! Isn’t that a picture from the Great Spinster Meeting of ’19? Funny how the lady 2nd from right on the bottom is totally puckered up waiting for a kiss in her own beautiful way. Wonder how many cats they own between them?

19 07 2008
Peter Parkour

I’ll drink to that. 😉

19 07 2008

Where did you find this? I LOVE IT!!! Hysterical!

20 07 2008

i think they might actually drive someone to drink. that is crazy! i wonder which one of them came up with this bright idea!

25 07 2008
I’m A Bundle O’ Glittery Sunshine Fun « I Married A Country Boy

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