It’s an Award Winning Week!

15 07 2008

Well, this week brought the first ever award to the Vinyl Village, followed very closely by a second…

and now a third and fourth!

Y’all are gonna give me a big head, and I’ll have to move from the Vinyl Village into a neighborhood of McMansions–not to mention that my legs are tired from walking this red carpet, and the paparazzi are starting to get invasive.

The Queen of Planet Hotflash has bestowed this award on The Vinyl Village:

Now, if y’all don’t know the Queen, may I suggest that you run over there and read a bit. My personal favorites are her stories about her mother in law. Here, here, here, and here. Don’t read them if you’re worried that people nearby will think you’re crazy–because you will laugh out loud.

Red, over at Dr. Pepper is Good for the Soul has bestowed upon the Village a second Arte Y Pico award. I’d suggest you read her entry on hotel housekeeping for starters, and then spend some time getting to know her through her other entries. Trust me, she’s the kinda person you wish lived across the street so you could know her in real life.

And the main man at A Round World Through Square Glasses presented the Vinyl Village a THIRD Arte Y Pico. Actually, I think he gave it to “whoever is running the show at The Vinyl Village”–which tells me I need a “name” (is the Villager good enough??) and points out that I don’t know his–although I do know he has really cute kids who seem to give him a lot to write about, and good taste in music and film. Check him out as you do your internet globe trottin’ 

Now, I know, I know, Im supposed to pass these awards on, but I’m not going to. Every blog I read (starting with, but certainly not limited to, those on my blogroll) contributes to the blog world, and since I do some sort of blog reading or blog writing every day that I am in front of a computer–Id say Im addicted to all of em!

So, thanks again for the awards this week guys, I really do appreciate them!




13 responses

16 07 2008

check you out, almost famous..

now all you need is a drug problem and a love child and you’ll be all set!

16 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

ha ha ha!! If I stop writing for a few weeks, y’all check the rehab clinics, ok?

Thanks for stoppin by Sarah

16 07 2008

OMG, why have I not ever been here before. You are too funny. And my long lost sister Wendy is your friend. I’m adding you to my blog roll right this minute. Britain’s worst teeth nearly gave me a stroke. You deserve all those awards. I’m so glad you stopped by my place so we could meet. Oh, I just noticed you have something about Demi Moore. She came in my store once when she was filming a movie in my town called “One Crazy Summer” back in 1986. I have to go read that now. I will be back.

16 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Joan! I am so glad to see you here! I hope you’ll be back often…I love reading your stuff.

Its funny…I did one little filler entry months ago on Demi Moore…when she had come out saying she used leeches for something. And it is CONSTANTLY my top post…

16 07 2008
sista #2

I am a new reader of yours…..i have ALOT of catching up to do!!


16 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Sista 2!! I was hoping you’d be stopping by too. Glad to have you!

16 07 2008
grandma J

I feel your pain! I have three friggin Arte Y Pico de Gallo awards (I added the de Gallo for flavor). I’m putting mine on eBay.

17 07 2008

Well, well, Mr. Wonder-pants. Just winning all kinds of awards this week, eh?

17 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

I think I owe it all to you MJ.

And grandma J…think we could get more on eBay for a set of six??

17 07 2008

Well the best awards have just been handed out at out site!!


17 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

ha ha! Thanks Philly! Thats the kinda award I can really drink to…

Ill add it to the trophy room.

17 07 2008

i wish we lived across the road from each other .. good times good times!

17 07 2008

You suck … but congrats! :>)

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