Jesse Jackson–The Castrater?

10 07 2008

Seems like ole Jesse Jackson may be getting a taste of his own medicine. While being interviewed by Fox News, the right reverend Jackson thought his mic was turned off when he admitted he’d like to cut off Barack Obama’s nuts.

Nothing too shocking about that, and its a sentiment I’m sure quite a few people share. (not the least of which is Hillary Clinton) Jackson quickly apologized ahead of the broadcast with some blather about his comments being “a sound bite” that was “taken out of broader context”. It strikes me as sweet irony considering that Jackson has made a life of jumping on sound bites and taking things out of context (though certainly not to discredit any real progress he has made for African Americans), and I would think that wanting to castrate a presidential candidate is a lot worse than calling a group of college women “nappy headed ho’s”.

Just my two cents, and for those interested, here’s the clip:




8 responses

10 07 2008

Just another reason for me to dislike him so….just my 2 cents


10 07 2008
Big Hair Envy

He’s always had an agenda in the past. What possible motive could he have for saying something like that? Whether you like O’Bama or not, that’s still a really crappy thing to say.

10 07 2008
The Rev.

I’ve no idea what to think at this point. Jesse Jackson (and Al Sharpton, for that matter) really only serve to confuse me at this point in my life. I mean….what exactly do they really want? And what, exactly, do they get paid for?

My head’s starting to hurt already….

10 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Ive long thought Jackson and Sharpton to be sort of a joke…
Any positive impact they have had (at least in recent history) is lost on me…in fact, I daresay that it seems they bring resentment and hostility out in people moreso than they bring out justice and equality.

10 07 2008

Great photo of Rev. Jackson. He looks like a very angry turtle without its shell.
I had to spend ten minutes on YouTube yesterday reporting all the racist comments people were posting (yes, I did have better things to do but I preferred doing that). But one of the comments, a non-racist one, was so inaccurate it made me laugh out loud. The commenter, who was answering a friend I guess, simply wrote: “He said he wanted to cut Obama’s dick off, man, he said he wanted to cut his dick off!”
So I left it.

10 07 2008

That is to say, I left it because it was so inaccurate it was funny. I hope I got that point across.

11 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

ha ha ha! maybe that person just needs an anatomy lesson?

14 07 2008

Jackson is a hypocrite, who should practice what he preaches.

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