Remember Jon-Benet Ramsey?

9 07 2008

The little girl who, eleven years ago, was found murdered in the basement of her family’s Boulder, Colorado home? The case was headline news in a way that few murders are–especially considering that neither the victim nor the accused were famous before the crime. A young pageant winner, the child of wealthy parents and a former Miss America contestant, Jon-Benet was discovered in her basement on Christmas morning.  Her family has remained under an “umbrella of suspicion” until today.

According to CNN, “Recently developed “touch DNA” technology has cleared all members of JonBenet Ramsey’s family of her slaying.”  The Boulder DA’s office has apologized to the Ramsey family–an apology that came too late for Jon-Benet’s mother, Patsy–who died of cancer a few years ago.

Unfortunately, the DNA does not match anyone in the database–so it is looking as if the person responsible for her death may well have gotten away with murder.




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9 07 2008

Did you catch Nancy Grace blathering on about the uneaten pineapple in her tummy and how its freaky how both parents denied giving her fruit, which she was fed within 2 hours of her death …. Pat Ramsey so did it, trust me, I know about these things, I’m sorry …

10 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

DNA doesn’t lie though…
I often wondered if something had happened…the brother did it accidentally or something, and then the parents tried to cover it up.
What do you think the motive would have been?

10 07 2008
The Rev.

Such a terrible story, regardless of the final outcome. If (if) the parents are innocent, then they’ve been needlessly persecuted by the public and dragged through the dirt, not to mention that the true killer remains free and nameless.

Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see this case closed.

10 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Neither do I Rev…

14 07 2008

This is a sad case and it is truely amazing how they can find some pyscho in the wilderness that commited crimes twenty years ago but they can’t figure this one out.
Scarey that a total stranger got into the home, roamed around, took the girl from her bed without any noise,fed the child, took her to the basement, had his way with her, strangled her, and went back upstairs wrote a note and left and the family slept through it all…

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