Larry the Cable Guy is a Fake!

1 07 2008

Larry the Cable Guy is a fake. Here’s an old clip from before he was famous, which reveals that his signature “redneck” accent is fake. His “redneck look” is something he has acquired, and to beat all, he is from Nebraska. Now, I know as well as you that you can find a redneck just about anywhere, but an authentic one has to come from the south. Oh, and Larry’s real name is the less trailer-park acceptable “Dan Whitney”.





3 responses

1 07 2008

I have always said he was a fake and have been dismissed. Glad to know I was right! That is a really bad fake southern accent that he has.

2 07 2008

Yeah, I knew this before.
We real rednecks can spot a fake a mile away…

2 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Im always the last to know everything! Now I can laugh knowingly when I see one of those stupid “get r done” stickers on someone car.

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