Gifts for the Pervert in Your Life

4 06 2008

Everyone has that hard to buy for person on their shopping list. Well, if that person happens to have a streak of pervert (and who doesn’t?), a sick sense of humor, or just an appreciation for the lowest sort of pop culture, I suggest the following (assuming, of course, that they already have a portable stripper pole)

The Larry “I am not Gay” Craig Bobble Foot Doll

A limited edition piece commemorating the wide stance that made the Idaho senator famous! The St. Paul Saints gave these conversation pieces away to the first 2500 fans that showed up on May 25, 2008. Already making their way to eBay in the $40 to $60 range–this collectable is sure to appreciate in value.

And if you’re really looking for shock value, find a baker who can create:

The Two Girls One Cup Cake

Now, hopefully, you’re scratchin’ your head thinking “Whattina whirl is 2 girls 1 cup?” Do yourself a favor. Don’t try to find out. Ignorance really is bliss sometimes.




5 responses

4 06 2008

That is the best advice you have ever given.

5 06 2008
The Rev.

Well, that solves my dilemma of what to eat for lunch today. Nothing after having flashbacks of that video.

5 06 2008
The Vinyl Villager

If you’ve checked out the video…you really owe it to yourselves to check out the youtube “reactions” to it as well. There was one where a guy showed it to his grandmother that was priceless!

17 07 2008

The reactions are GREAT!! But as the comedian Louis (can’t remember his name exactly) says, “You can’t unwatch that, you just can’t unwatch it.”. *shudders*

17 07 2008
The Vinyl Villager

you really cant…
I like to tell myself it was all special effects…

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