Internet Idiot for May 28, 2008

29 05 2008

I don’t have anyone specific for this one–but the award goes to anyone who thinks that this picture of Rachel Ray:

is A. an attempt by Dunkin Donuts to subversively turn us all into terrorists, B. a statement by Ray or Dunkin Donuts in support of radical Islam, or C. anything else other than the sort of scarf every woman in America has buried in her closet somewhere.

Apparently, this whole mess started when  Fox News commentator Michelle Malkin said that the scarf looked like a “keffiyeh”–which, if you are like 99.999 percent of the USA, you’ve never heard of. Apparently its something that a few Islamic extremists have worn. (What makes it a keffiyeh and not just a fringed scarf is beyond me.) If anything, I think the Islamic extremists should be made fun of for shopping in the ladies accessory bins at Ross Dress for Less. But, Ms. Malkin has her little unthinking sheep fans up in arms and pledging to boycott Dunkin Donuts and Rachel Ray, and so DD has pulled the ad.

A lot of talk over nothing. Must be a slow news week. OK, I promise not to get political again. Today at least.




3 responses

30 05 2008

Agreed. Very stupid. Plus, there is no way I am boycotting Dunkin’ Donuts. I date a cop, and they are pretty much a staple around here. Only, I eat them and he doesn’t…

31 05 2008

Just discovered your blog from following comment link at a friends blog ” The Life & Times by left a comment about BE and Blog Soldiers..Neither are worth a damn!! I find following up comments on my blog hasd been the best way to keep people interested..

I always thought those decorative/fashion accessory scarfs were silly, tying the sweater around the waste is a close second in silliness!!

2 06 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Hey Tom, thanks for coming by! And for the advice.

And agreed on tying it around the waste…think we could find some ties to terrorism for that look??

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