Man Stuck in an Elevator for Over 40 Hours

22 04 2008


The above is time lapse footage of a man who was stuck in a New York Elevator for nearly two days. I can’t even imagine. I go nuts with boredom if I have to sit still for 40 minutes! The accompanying story says he was working late and went out for a smoke. He should have lit up in the elevator…maybe help would have arrived then! And what’s the point of the cameras if no one is watching them for days at a time?? 

What would you do if you were trapped like that for a weekend? I’m thinking I might get a man purse and fill it with essentials just in case this ever happens to me. You know, a fifth of vodka, a deck of cards, a flare gun.




7 responses

22 04 2008
Little Miss

That’s sort of freaky. Why was no one watching the security cameras? Where were the fire department and medics? Where were the security guards or building facilities management? What if something worse had happened – some lunatic was stuck in there with him? Gawd… I shudder to think.

So, after 40 hours, he just was able to get the elevator to work and he just walked out? I think I’d be traumatized after that.

22 04 2008
The Vinyl Villager

I know! What the heck are those emergency call buttons for? I’m betting he got out of the elevator, found some food, and then found a good lawyer.

22 04 2008

An elevator repair guy told me once that those emergency buttons are connected directly to a phone line at the elevator repair office and if you pressed the button it made a direct call to the telephone in the office alerting them that you were stuck in there. After watching that video I think he was lying his ass off.

23 04 2008

is there a smoke detector inside elevators (coz i totally have no idea, lol)? But if so then ill smoke inside to make the smoke alarm on. Though i dont know if that would work, lol. Anyway, i think i’ll go crazy and cry myself to death if that happens.

23 04 2008

I’d love to see you get drunk on the vodka, then fire the flare gun in the elevator. That would be frickin’ hilarious.

We should get together and do that sometime, just for kicks.

23 04 2008

This is scary. I can’t imagine being stuck in the lift for even one minute. I really pity that guy…

23 04 2008

I woulda died of dehydration cuz I would have shit myself to death.

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