I’m In Mourning

7 04 2008

The Golden Girls are leaving Lifetime. They’ve been on that network for eons, usually airing after a dreary “battered-wife-kills-her-asshole-husband” movie. Apparently, the WE network will start airing the show…but this is still just devastating. Thank the stars I had the foresight to buy the whole damned series on DVD.





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8 04 2008
Murray Trillionaire

I’m a strong believer that some good comes out of all tragedies. For example, I have head that Hurricane Katrina was inconvenient for some people. But airfare to New Orleans is now lower. Let us hope that The Golden Girls are leaving Lifetime for them to make some room for The Facts of Life. Afterall, you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have, the facts of life. The facts of life.

8 04 2008

All I can say to that is :

Their hearts were true, they were pals and a confident. Thankyou for being a friend.

8 04 2008

Murray is a definite optimist.

I wanna be Rose…no…wait…I wanna be Betty White. She can play a really good bitch.

Don’t worry, VV….as long as the world survives, GG will be on somewhere.

8 04 2008

Where are Finn and Murray’s pictures?

You guys need to get some face time. You are showing up as the “man in the shadows”

8 04 2008
Murray Trillionaire


The electricity in my trailer is on the brink. I only have a little juice left in my generator (no pun intended), and I wanted to save it for a documentary on PBS tonight, How WHAM! Used Existential Utopianism to Change the 80s. So I’m using my typewritter to leave this message. If I could ever figure out how to leave a picture, I will do so. Given the right light, I am quite beautiful.

Financially yours,
Murray Trillionaire

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