Jamie Lynn’s Havin’ a Baby!

29 03 2008


 It’s not too late to send a gift to little Jamie Lynn Spears! Her registry at Babys R Us indicates that her little bastard still needs lots of stuff!

What will you send? I’m thinking the Bugaboo Cup Holder, so Aint Brit Brit will have a place for her frap. Or maybe the “My Breast Friend Wearable Nursing Pillow”.

I bet my Aint (that’s not a misspelling…in the south, your parent’s sisters or your uncles wives are called “aints” not “aunts”) Trailerpark Barbie could throw one heckuva baby shower for the underaged couple.




4 responses

29 03 2008

I wonder how long it will be before Jamie pimps out her kid to the paparazzi’s cameras to try and suck some cash and fame out of it. After its born, I give it 3 weeks before we see photos of her baby splashed over every tabloid.

29 03 2008
The Vinyl Villager

Oh you can bet on it! Im surprised she isn’t registered for a camcorder…

30 03 2008

gosh, considering that jamie’s my age!!
she’s a nice, homely little girl who has been raised by a pack of wolves.

30 03 2008

Are you kidding? They’ll have a Sony positioned on her hoo-hoo during delivery.

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