Why Won’t She Just Go Away??

24 03 2008

Paris Hilton, famous for no apparent reason, just won’t go away. I can’t understand her mystique. You can find better looking gals at any Wal Mart. Her sex tape was nothing to write home about. She can’t sing or act. And now, she has a line of shoes out.

I hope they make these in size 12 and up, because I can’t see anyone other than a camp drag queen actually spending money on these! Coming soon to a Ross Dress for Less near you, I present the Paris Hilton shoe line:dragqueenshoes1.jpg




6 responses

24 03 2008

Payless Shoes look better than those. I agree….file those under large-size queen shoes.

What’s with all that tacky leopard print?

What’s next? Paris’ line of feminine hygiene products? OMG! I’ll bet her tampons would be HUGE!!!!!

25 03 2008

You mean those WEREN’T designed for drag queens??????

25 03 2008
The Vinyl Villager

ya know, maybe that was her target audience.

OMG…I love the idea of the feminine hygiene products.
I can just see it now, “Paris Hilton Coochie Concealer”

29 03 2008
Little Miss

Are you kidding? I am not a Paris Hilton fan, but some of those shoes are awesome. I’m serious. I would take the pink pair – second row, second in from the left – in a heart beat. I bought a black pair like that from Nordstrom last year. They are actually very comfortable. Maybe for a guy, they might seem drag queen-ish, but some of them are really darling. I’m not joking.

29 03 2008
The Vinyl Villager

a few of them might pass for normal…but those leopard ones…
I feel for you ladies, you have to have 100 pairs of shoes that cost 100 bucks a pair, minimum. us guys, we’re good with three pairs at 50 bucks max.

29 03 2008
Little Miss

Totally – the one right above the pink one I like looks like hooker shoes. Wear those and someone might ask me what I charge for a date. Shoes for women are ridiculously expensive. It’s insane. And why I only have about 10 pairs myself – if that.

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